Day 264: Box Turtle Sees Stars

Contrary to popular belief, being born with a shell on your back does not automatically make you a homebody. Some beings with shells love to wander and roam and explore and see new interesting places. And then there is you, the three-toed Texas box turtle. You were born right here in Texas and Texas isContinue reading “Day 264: Box Turtle Sees Stars”

Day 261: The Box Turtle Bower

As a box turtle, getting rescued has its perks. Three hots and a cot is just the start of it. You also get love and adoration, plus your own blog with hordes of slavishly devoted large shell-less fans who want nothing more than to start their day learning more about yours. But there is oneContinue reading “Day 261: The Box Turtle Bower”

Day 258: The Box Turtle and the Croc

Wearing a shell on your back is like walking around carrying a sign that reads “I was here before you were!” Not many beings can say they predated pretty much everything but the Big Bang and bacteria. However, there are a few modern-day individuals who are still around to represent, among them turtles and tortoises,Continue reading “Day 258: The Box Turtle and the Croc”

Day 255: Box Turtle on a Hay Pile

Here in Texas, hay is a staple… least for the large shell-less beings. But when you wear a shell on your back, hay is a less obvious choice. In most cases, you naturally gravitate towards leaf litter, greenery and good old-fashioned brown dirt. But there are certain style advantages to a nice round pile ofContinue reading “Day 255: Box Turtle on a Hay Pile”

Day 252: Box Turtle Gets Rescued

Wearing a shell on your back is a great defensive strategy. But sometimes the state of the world today is such that you need more than just your shell to be truly safe. When this happens, it can be smart to look for a large shell-less rescue mama. Of course, to do this you areContinue reading “Day 252: Box Turtle Gets Rescued”

Day 249: That Box Turtle Skin

Life can get pretty interesting when your flock consists of many different species. For instance, some of you are big. Some of you are small. Some of you have feathers. Others of you have shells. Still others of you have neither (poor things). Some of you have warm blood. Others of you have cold blood.Continue reading “Day 249: That Box Turtle Skin”

Day 246: Box Turtle Smells a Salmon

Living in a flock with another shelled being can be…..interesting. Sure, you both have an attractive curved shell on your backs. Yes, you both have four legs, a tail and an adorable, brightly colored head. But that is where the similarities (should) end. From preferences about portion sizes to preparation, frequency to favorite dishes, everythingContinue reading “Day 246: Box Turtle Smells a Salmon”

Day 243: Box Turtle Gets a Microscopic Visitor

The large shell-less being here…. Being a box turtle rescue mama is an awesome privilege. It is also a daunting responsibility. I was eight when I rescued my first turtle. He was a baby red-eared slider I named (wait for it) “Red.” He wandered up from the bayou right behind our casa and into theContinue reading “Day 243: Box Turtle Gets a Microscopic Visitor”

Day 237: Box Turtle Finds Fountain of Youth

It is no secret that being outfitted from birth with a cozy shell is convenient. As a box turtle who can easily live for 50 years or longer, having a shell can also help you stay looking younger for longer! By keeping your shell-less parts carefully shielded from the sun, rain and elements, your skinContinue reading “Day 237: Box Turtle Finds Fountain of Youth”

Day 234: Those Box Turtle Ears

Keeping company with the large shell-less beings gives you a crash course in interspecies differences. You are just so different! For example (and there is really no nice way to say this) the shell-less beings have no….shell. Poor things. It is hard to look really attractive – not to mention mount an effective defense –Continue reading “Day 234: Those Box Turtle Ears”

Day 231: Box Turtle Doubles Down on Hay

As a true Texas 3-toed box turtle, you are a southern gentleman to your core. But no lady box turtle is going to know this just by looking at you…unless you make sure your outsides match your insides. If you want to communicate “true Texas box turtle who will make beautiful eggs” there is onlyContinue reading “Day 231: Box Turtle Doubles Down on Hay”

Day 228: Box Turtle Beauty Tips

For the large shell-less beings, the older you get, the older you tend to feel….and look. Not so if you are lucky enough to arrive wearing a shell. For starters, shells are not prone to wrinkling, sagging or drooping. They stay lovely and youthful looking….even when the rest of you perhaps does not. Also, withContinue reading “Day 228: Box Turtle Beauty Tips”

Day 225: Box Turtle Peek-a-boo

The key to successfully training a large shell-less assistant is “measured cuteness.” In other words, you don’t want to hit her with all the cuteness you’ve got all at once. That could be overwhelming, causing her to faint dead away and shirk her contractually stipulated flock care duties. A much wiser strategy is to doleContinue reading “Day 225: Box Turtle Peek-a-boo”

Day 222: Box Turtle Plays I Spy

If you are small and very stealthy and silent and have a large shell-less assistant who is anything but, there is a fun game called “I Spy” you can play to really freak her out. Here is what to do. Let’s say your assistant comes looking for you to do her daily “box turtle safetyContinue reading “Day 222: Box Turtle Plays I Spy”

Day 219: Box Turtle Gets Back to Basics

In the world today, there is a massive movement focused on “getting back to basics.” And when it’s all said and done, there is nothing more basic than a good old-fashioned log. Logs are so functional and multi-purpose. They are also quite manly and masculine (a side perk if you happen to be a soloContinue reading “Day 219: Box Turtle Gets Back to Basics”

Day 216: Box Turtle Meets “The Hand”

Shelled beings are quite cute and compact. If you popped out wearing a shell on your back, you definitely won the design lottery. If you can fit completely inside your box and hinge it shut, this means you are a “box turtle.” (It also means there are modern safes that aren’t as secure as youContinue reading “Day 216: Box Turtle Meets “The Hand””

Day 213: The Box Turtle Selfie

There is such a thing as “selfie culture” today. This basically involves snapping pics of yourself all day, every day, so as to feature all of your good sides (you don’t want to leave any out on account of how they’ll feel, well, left out). This is easier for beings who only have one orContinue reading “Day 213: The Box Turtle Selfie”

Day 210: A Box Turtle and His Crocs

Reptiles, whether box turtles, tortoises or other species, are definitely a breed apart. Even if you look a little (or a lot) different on the outside, on the inside you have so much in common. Take cold blood, for example. Where a good one-half of all the beings on earth are what one might politelyContinue reading “Day 210: A Box Turtle and His Crocs”


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