Box Turtle Sees His Reflection

Looking very cute is like doing public service 24/7. Everywhere you go, everyone you meet is smiling. They appreciate your cuteness so much. You are such a blessing to all. But every once in awhile, it can be nice to meet someone else as cute as you. Just so you can feel that warm glowContinue reading “Box Turtle Sees His Reflection”

Box Turtle Climbs the Fence

“It’s the climb.” That’s the rumor, anyway. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets stuck. This is when it is really helpful to hire a large shell-less MommyGuard. Even when you aren’t convinced you really need a little (or a lot of) help, you can count on your MommyGuard to rescue you anyway.

Box Turtle Meets FlipFlop

It’s not every day you get to meet a new life form. One minute they were not there. The next minute there they are. Did they come from across the yard? Across the street? Across the solar system? The only way to know is to get up close and personal with the newcomer. See whatContinue reading “Box Turtle Meets FlipFlop”

The Cute, Curious, Smart Box Turtle

Being born smart, curious and cute might seem like a win-win-win from the outside looking in. But before you go wishing you had been born a cute, curious, smart box turtle, consider this: Would you want the paparazzi filming every cute, curious, smart moment you have? That’s a lot of film footage! And as theyContinue reading “The Cute, Curious, Smart Box Turtle”

Most Eligible Box Turtle Award Winner

From the outside looking in, it might appear that lady box turtle season happens only during a short period each spring. But a peek behind the scenes reveals a different story. After all, lady box turtles (like all ladies of all species) are very choosy. If you want to beat out the competition, you haveContinue reading “Most Eligible Box Turtle Award Winner”

Box Turtle Takes a Blueberry from Rescue Mama’s Hand

Being rescued is always a good thing. And yet it can take some getting used to. For starters, your lunch no longer gets a running head start. Instead, it arrives neatly arranged on a strange red rock. It is a bit….eerie. Sure, everything looks good, smells good, but still….it is almost too docile. You justContinue reading “Box Turtle Takes a Blueberry from Rescue Mama’s Hand”

Box Turtle Takes a Hay Ride

Getting ready for hibernation can be intense….even grueling. But there is no reason it can’t be fun too! For example, let’s say your large shell-less brumation assistant brings home some particularly groovy new hibernation material. From the start you know you are going to like it – as it turns out, hay’s natural coloration setsContinue reading “Box Turtle Takes a Hay Ride”

Pearl, Malti, Bruce and Their Mama Want to Hear from YOU

Just like that, another 365 days of flock adventures is now in our rearview mirror. Wow. The official large featherless typing assistant, creative director, biographer and activities planner is wiped but happy. 🙂 At this point, you might understandably be wondering “what’s up next?” We are so glad you asked! For these next few monthsContinue reading “Pearl, Malti, Bruce and Their Mama Want to Hear from YOU”

Day 365: Rescued Box Turtle Goes on Safari

Being rescued into an interspecies flock gives you opportunities you might never come across otherwise. Rather than observing the strange large shell-less species from afar, you now get to watch them right up close. If you want to, you can even interact with one face to face! Like going on a personalized wildlife safari (completeContinue reading “Day 365: Rescued Box Turtle Goes on Safari”

Day 362: A Box Turtle In His Hibernaculum

It is true “hibernaculum” is a bit of a mouthful. It might be just as easy to call your winter slumber chambers the “nap zone.” But this isn’t just any nap zone. It is especially constructed for big leaguers, power nappers that think catnaps are for cats (and good riddance while they’re at it). IfContinue reading “Day 362: A Box Turtle In His Hibernaculum”

Day 357: A Rescued Box Turtle Meets His Munchies

When you have just been rescued and are very very hungry, it might seem natural you would gobble down everything in sight. But that would be evolutionarily unwise. After all, you’ve been on your own in the (relative) wild since you popped out of your small round white escape pod. Not everyone you hatched withContinue reading “Day 357: A Rescued Box Turtle Meets His Munchies”

Day 354: Sir Snores a Lot Makes a Move

Some species with shells know how to take resting to a whole new level. Being cold-blooded, it just makes sense that you want to make hay while the sun shines (so to speak) and crawl into that hay when it doesn’t. Smart, smart, smart. But then what happens when your large shell-less hibernation assistant decidesContinue reading “Day 354: Sir Snores a Lot Makes a Move”

Day 351: A Brumating Boy

Cold temperatures and cold blood definitely do not mix. When it gets chilly on the outside, it is going to get chilly on the inside – guaranteed. This is always the right time to do something called “brumating.” Here, there is some (lots of) confusion amongst the large shell-less beings about the difference between hibernationContinue reading “Day 351: A Brumating Boy”

Day 348: The Box Is Closed

There are basically two kinds of beings in this world: those who wear their box on the outside and those who wear their box on the inside. Clearly, it is far more advantageous to be in the former group. This is obvious for many reasons, chief among which is how few beings belong in thisContinue reading “Day 348: The Box Is Closed”

Day 345: Box Turtle Nap Time

One of the biggest things to get used to after being rescued is the nonstop attention. Your rescue mama really wants you to feel at home, safe, cared for….so much so that she checks on you one or a hundred times a day (hour). It is great to know you are loved, wanted, adored. ButContinue reading “Day 345: Box Turtle Nap Time”

Day 342: Box Turtle Brunch

Being rescued can take some getting used to. After being so long on your own, never sure what a day may bring, just you against the world, suddenly you are part of a flock. They do things quite differently than anything you have ever experienced before. For instance, whereas before the only way you everContinue reading “Day 342: Box Turtle Brunch”

Day 339: Box Turtle Blends In

There are lots of evolutionary advantages to being colorful. For example, having different colors on different body parts helps you artfully camouflage yourself in different environments. Of course, there is also an art to showing the right part with the right color combination in the right place. Let’s say you are in a grassland area.Continue reading “Day 339: Box Turtle Blends In”

Day 336: Box Turtle Gets a Lift

Being a box turtle means you can carry your home with you wherever you decide to go. But it isn’t just any home you are carrying. Your home is extra-secure. Once you decide to head indoors, you can use your super-strong shell muscles to close up tight on both sides – so tight that predatorsContinue reading “Day 336: Box Turtle Gets a Lift”


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