Cute Birb Lasagna Takeover

The best delicacies combine two essential (um) ingredients: tastiness + trajectory. In other words, overall deliciousness makes up just half the rating system when you’re an expert food critic with feathers. The other half of your rating system is flingability (a technical term). Flingability refers to how far your beak buildup flies when you shakeContinue reading “Cute Birb Lasagna Takeover”

Cockatiel Chows on Hard Boiled Egg

In the great food chain o’ life, there is no better invention than the egg. The egg is so multi-purpose. Tiny but mighty, it packs a powerful snacking punch. And of course, it is the vehicle of choice to deliver new snackers (with feathers) into this world. Which might just be the strangest version ofContinue reading “Cockatiel Chows on Hard Boiled Egg”

Cockatiel Falls in Love With Waffle

When it comes to waffles, what’s not to love? From crispy and crunchy to soft and fluffy….well, as they say, so many waffles recipes, so little time. Waffles are so vital, so essential. And yet so often they appear only to disappear again just as quickly! This is why Pearl has launched his most importantContinue reading “Cockatiel Falls in Love With Waffle”

Happy Cockatiel With New Foraging Box

As all feathered beings know, foraging is fantastic. Foraging is fun. Invigorating. Exciting, even. You never know what you might find. Or who. Heck, if you dig down deep enough you might even discover a fetching and feathery ladybird who sees your foraging box for what it truly is – a nesting box with greatContinue reading “Happy Cockatiel With New Foraging Box”

Cockatiel Stakes His Laptop Claim

In today’s culture, it has become popular to put a ring on items you particularly like and want to claim for your very own. Clearly, this is because most beings don’t have any feathers. In fact, the vast majority of life forms are completely unable to grow their own feathers (not for any lack ofContinue reading “Cockatiel Stakes His Laptop Claim”

Cockatiel Forages a Wild Corn Muffin

Just because you are petite doesn’t mean you don’t make for a ferocious hunter. Pint-sized and powerful, this is the Cockatiel Way. It doesn’t hurt to have your own personal Small Chef who just happens to make the best corn muffins (aka aspiring birdie bread) on the planet.

A Cockatiel’s Love Language Is Customer Service

There is no doubt about it. When you are small, very cute, covered in feathers and by nature a flocking species, every other being is going to falling all over themselves to be your Valentine when the annual day ‘o love arrives. Waffles and millet and neck feather scratches and crispy crunchy nesting materials willContinue reading “A Cockatiel’s Love Language Is Customer Service”

Cockatiel Walks Into a Bag of Chips

Cockatiel walks into a bag of chips…. Sounds like the opening line of the best. joke. ever. (Because all of the best jokes are about feathers. Of course.) So are all the best videos, by the way. And of course if you’ve been wondering “can cockatiels eat chips?” well, now you know. 🙂

Pearl, Malti, Bruce and Their Mama Want to Hear from YOU

Just like that, another 365 days of flock adventures is now in our rearview mirror. Wow. The official large featherless typing assistant, creative director, biographer and activities planner is wiped but happy. 🙂 At this point, you might understandably be wondering “what’s up next?” We are so glad you asked! For these next few monthsContinue reading “Pearl, Malti, Bruce and Their Mama Want to Hear from YOU”

BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power”

There is an art as well as a science to staying hidden out in plain sight. In fact, it is mostly the newbie top-secret agents who opt for staying well camouflaged both in their cover identity and in their real role. The real pros know how to get twice the camo for half the effortContinue reading “BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power””

Day 363: How to Cuteness Stun Anything

Everyone has heard of “cuteness overload.” Or at least everyone who keeps company with feathered beings has heard of this. Cuteness overload is a serious issue….but it is nothing compared to “cuteness stunning.” Huh? What? Yup. Cuteness stunning. Where cuteness overload is just being very very cute, cuteness stunning is using your cuteness to, well,Continue reading “Day 363: How to Cuteness Stun Anything”

Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting

Hiring a large featherless assistant makes sense for all kinds of reasons. But it sure can come with a steep learning curve. It won’t take but an hour or so before you start to notice they are rather….strange. Many of the things they do stray so far from common sense no amount of geolocation couldContinue reading “Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting”

Day 358: The Rice That Almost Got Away

Being tasked with top secret protection detail comes with some particular challenges. This is especially the case when your reputation as .007, pint-sized super spy, is such that it often precedes you. While it is true you won’t ever see news headlines proclaiming to the masses that you’ve been assigned to a case, word travelsContinue reading “Day 358: The Rice That Almost Got Away”

Day 355: Corn Chips for Feathers

When you are covered in fetching feathers, being envied is a fact of life. Everywhere you look, you see other (less fortunate, featherless) beings stressing and straining to grow feathers of their own. But no luck. For you, it just comes naturally. Every day new feathers just show up. You turn around and – ohContinue reading “Day 355: Corn Chips for Feathers”

Day 352: Amazon Sends Cockatiel a Nest

Nesting season brings special challenges when you are a non-migratory species…or at least more of a locally migrating species. Whole new nesting season. All the same nesting sites. This means you may need to get really creative to find overlooked gems that your competitors don’t have the vision or creative talent to scope out. Or,Continue reading “Day 352: Amazon Sends Cockatiel a Nest”

Day 349: Cockatiel With a Cocktail

The large featherless beings invest a lot of energy in entertaining. There are rituals and routines, decorations and delicacies. Some days get hardly any attention at all while others are eagerly awaited all year long. It’s kinda weird. But then again, not everyone can be born with fluffy grey and white feathers all over theirContinue reading “Day 349: Cockatiel With a Cocktail”

Day 346: Dining Etiquette With Feathers

Rewind a handful of years (decades, centuries) and interspecies dining was quite common. It has only been recently the large featherless beings have taken to trying to squirrel away all the victuals for themselves. They are not very good at it. Lacking the keen eyesight, hearing and, well, basically all the other senses of theirContinue reading “Day 346: Dining Etiquette With Feathers”

Day 343: Cockatiel Chomps the Biscuit

The mightiest of palates can sometimes be found in the tiniest of places. After all, when you only have so much holding capacity in your cute little gullet, you don’t want to waste it on sub-par delicacies. Only the tastiest and most flavorful fare will do. Here, quantity is irrelevant. Quality is all that matters.Continue reading “Day 343: Cockatiel Chomps the Biscuit”


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