Redfoot Tortoise Diet: Calcium, Phosphorus, Oxalates and More

The large shell-less assistant here…. When Malti first joined our little flock as a five-week-old hatchling redfoot tortoise, my approach to her feeding and care was basically the wrong approach. I had the initial thought – “Well, how hard could it be? I kept water turtles as a child and they were all really healthy!”Continue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Diet: Calcium, Phosphorus, Oxalates and More”

Box Turtle Takes a Dip in the Pool

Being Bruce isn’t a job for amateurs. Sure, those bright orange cheek patches and whirling red eyes and adorable yellow-dotted feet and – piece de resistance – perfect round box turtle nostrils look effortless. Maybe you were born with it. On second thought, you were definitely born with it. And there is nothing that setsContinue reading “Box Turtle Takes a Dip in the Pool”

Redfoot Tortoise Gets Shell Scratches

Growing up can be itchy business. While many other beings may not look at your redfoot tortoise shell and see a living organism, you know differently. Your keratin-covered, bony shell, which is attached to your spinal column and skeleton, is literally what holds you up. When it grows, you grow….whether you were particularly wanting toContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Gets Shell Scratches”

Cockatiel Digs Into His Grandma’s Homemade English Muffin

It takes a lot of work to train a large featherless waitress. First of all, they are extremely susceptible to “cuteness stunning.” One glance out of your adorable round black cockatiel eyes and….WHOMP. As they say, there she goes again. But with (extreme) patience and (much) perseverance, it can be done. The hours are long.Continue reading “Cockatiel Digs Into His Grandma’s Homemade English Muffin”

Box Turtle Sees His Reflection

Looking very cute is like doing public service 24/7. Everywhere you go, everyone you meet is smiling. They appreciate your cuteness so much. You are such a blessing to all. But every once in awhile, it can be nice to meet someone else as cute as you. Just so you can feel that warm glowContinue reading “Box Turtle Sees His Reflection”

Redfoot Tortoise Chomps Whole Living Lettuce

Out in the big wild world, it’s always lunchtime somewhere. The only question is, which side of the lunch plate will you be on? In other words, when there are only two options on the menu, “eat or get eaten,” you want to make sure you are the one doing the eating. Like so.

Cute Birb Lasagna Takeover

The best delicacies combine two essential (um) ingredients: tastiness + trajectory. In other words, overall deliciousness makes up just half the rating system when you’re an expert food critic with feathers. The other half of your rating system is flingability (a technical term). Flingability refers to how far your beak buildup flies when you shakeContinue reading “Cute Birb Lasagna Takeover”

Box Turtle Climbs the Fence

“It’s the climb.” That’s the rumor, anyway. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets stuck. This is when it is really helpful to hire a large shell-less MommyGuard. Even when you aren’t convinced you really need a little (or a lot of) help, you can count on your MommyGuard to rescue you anyway.

Redfoot Tortoise Makes an Epic Mud Wallow

Everyone loves the tropics. The sun, the warmth, the lush green – it looks as good as it feels and feels as good as it looks. And yet there are parts of living the tropical life that don’t get their fair share of praise. Take mud, for instance. It is so refreshing. So restorative. SoContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Makes an Epic Mud Wallow”

Cockatiel Chows on Hard Boiled Egg

In the great food chain o’ life, there is no better invention than the egg. The egg is so multi-purpose. Tiny but mighty, it packs a powerful snacking punch. And of course, it is the vehicle of choice to deliver new snackers (with feathers) into this world. Which might just be the strangest version ofContinue reading “Cockatiel Chows on Hard Boiled Egg”

Box Turtle Meets FlipFlop

It’s not every day you get to meet a new life form. One minute they were not there. The next minute there they are. Did they come from across the yard? Across the street? Across the solar system? The only way to know is to get up close and personal with the newcomer. See whatContinue reading “Box Turtle Meets FlipFlop”

Redfoot Tortoise Destroys Zucchini Plant

In our little flock, we have a saying. Plant it and she will come. And then she will eat it. And then it will be no more. So I guess the saying is more like a poem. Or a requiem. Zucchini plant, you will be missed. Especially by a certain redfooted someone.

Cockatiel Falls in Love With Waffle

When it comes to waffles, what’s not to love? From crispy and crunchy to soft and fluffy….well, as they say, so many waffles recipes, so little time. Waffles are so vital, so essential. And yet so often they appear only to disappear again just as quickly! This is why Pearl has launched his most importantContinue reading “Cockatiel Falls in Love With Waffle”

The Cute, Curious, Smart Box Turtle

Being born smart, curious and cute might seem like a win-win-win from the outside looking in. But before you go wishing you had been born a cute, curious, smart box turtle, consider this: Would you want the paparazzi filming every cute, curious, smart moment you have? That’s a lot of film footage! And as theyContinue reading “The Cute, Curious, Smart Box Turtle”

Redfoot Tortoise Eats Hibiscus Flower the Size of Her Body

Many beings today are not fans of “supersizing.” But the redfoot tortoise will never join their misguided little club. After all, if small and delicious is good, large and delicious is better. Following the logic, then, enormous and delicious is – in a word – fantastic. Obviously.

Happy Cockatiel With New Foraging Box

As all feathered beings know, foraging is fantastic. Foraging is fun. Invigorating. Exciting, even. You never know what you might find. Or who. Heck, if you dig down deep enough you might even discover a fetching and feathery ladybird who sees your foraging box for what it truly is – a nesting box with greatContinue reading “Happy Cockatiel With New Foraging Box”

Most Eligible Box Turtle Award Winner

From the outside looking in, it might appear that lady box turtle season happens only during a short period each spring. But a peek behind the scenes reveals a different story. After all, lady box turtles (like all ladies of all species) are very choosy. If you want to beat out the competition, you haveContinue reading “Most Eligible Box Turtle Award Winner”

Redfoot Tortoise Closeup With the Camera

When you have a face that loves the camera, you can absolutely expect the camera will love you back. It might even start following you around. Reason being….”cuteness.” You have it and every other being wants it. Luckily, the more attention you get (see “cuteness”) the more snacks you are likely to get. Even justContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Closeup With the Camera”


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